Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blooming Linnie Blooms mini pillows....Linnie Blooms Blog hop project!

Oh my goodness! This will be fun!
Here is my Linnie Blooms blog hop project. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I had fun making it.  Would be great for Mother's Day....:)
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 What do you think? I love these little pillows and plan on making lots more and different flowers.
                  First I took the large Linnie Blooms leaves and cut them all in half...
        I used 8 leaves and cut them in half to make 2 rows for the sunflower that fit perfect on the mini pillows.
                  Then I arranged them onto the mini pillow to look like a sunflower.
 I took 8 more leaves and rounded one edge for petals on my daisy. I left 2 leaves to use as leaves.
 I arranged them on the pillow and took pictures with my phone to remember placement on both pillows.
 I used acrylic paint to paint everything. You can use the colors you like but I think the sunflower needs to be yellow.  I ironed everything paint side down to make them flat after they were dry.

 I made the daisy white...but you could make the flowers all kinds of pretty colors. Bright and cheery colors would be great. Make daisy pillows in all different cool would that be. :)

                                            I glued all the petals in place with hot glue.

 I painted over them with a couple coats of PPA...Perfect Paper Adhesive. Just to soften them and it helps to keep them clean.  It will not dry shiny...but protected.
 I hunted for small black buttons...they are harder to find than I thought...and I used them for the center of my sunflower. You might want to paint the center black first so the green doesn't show through. Mine did and I used black beads to hide it...:) For the daisy I found a big pretty yellow button.

                                      I used a black PITT artist pen to dot the center...
                                                     All you have to do is stuff them.

 And there you go! So cute and a great gift for Mom..sister..daughter, granddaughter.

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Have fun and smile!



  1. I LOVE this project Dawn! So cute and original!

  2. It's interesting to see how you progress thru each step. Good job.

  3. very pretty projects, thanks for showing us step by step.

  4. Wow, how cute and
    pretty these pillows
    are! Great idea.
    Carla from Utah