Monday, March 9, 2015

Millie Angel

Thought I would share this Angel I made...Her name is Millie.  When I was working on her for some reason my grandmother popped into my head. So I named her Millie after her. 

She has a very Victorian dress. I decoupaged the paper on and then made the wings out of card stock.  I stamped and embossed her wings and added some flowers and butterflies. I gave her a little skirt made from a piece of old lace and a ribbon to hold it on.  I love how she came out...:)

My grandmother died a long time ago...but I remember a lot about her. 

I'm not saying my grandmother was an some think she was quite the opposite.  But being the middle child I was her favorite so she was always good to me. ;)  

Millie is just awesome....she stands about 14" tall in her Victorian splendor and her wings are just about as wide. :)

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